About us

CowTown Finance assists clients with the aircraft decision, we manage the acquisition of the aircraft and  align competitive financing.

The focus at Cowtown is the seemless acquisition of our clients next aircraft, (fixed wing or helicopter). We dedicate our industry resources allowing Cowtown to provide our clients with the best possible result.  Cowtown's in-depth knowledge and experience provides our clients  the leverage to make the best choices when acquiring and financing an aircraft. With thirty years finance and aviation experience Cowtown provides the best solutions for each individual and corporate client.

Acquisition Phase I

  • Determine the mission (aircraft usage)
  • Narrow the aircraft choices
  • Provide a listing of the best available models
  • Initiate aircraft acquisition negotiations
  • Finalize purchase agreement
  • Oversee the delivery

Financing Phase II

  • Select best aviation finance sources
  • Initiate discussions for terms and conditions
  • Provide financial info and aircraft specifications
  • Request formal financing proposals
  • Select principal finance source and negotiate terms and documentation
  • Manage secure FAA closing

Significant change continues to occur in both the finance and aviation industries.  Cowtown, with its experience and resources will manage the turbulence for you.  Please feel free to contact us and  discuss a pre-flight plan that we can structure designed to meet your specific needs.